Books: Worl(d)s apart, in transit, Masala Moments


When I was a kid, our family holidays had mostly one destination: the mountains. I still remember the way the horizon kept opening up while on the trails, and how there always was another valley and mountain beyond. Also, there were books in my room, since as long as I can remember. And there was this TV-docu series, playing once a week: „Menschen, Länder, Abenteuer“ – „People, Countries, Adventures“. Seen like that, it probably is no surprise that one day, I had to go myself, to the lands far beyond those mountains. And find my own stories there.


2 friends, 2 journeys, and 10 life lessons – a true story

An engaging travelogue in the form of emails between 2 strangers who turn to virtual friends: From the Great Wall to Shanghai, from Munich to the Mediterranean Sea, and from curious questions („How does one type on a Chinese keyboard?“) to shared life lessons that wait along the road, WOR(L)DS APART is both an inspiring travel read, and the story of a friendship across cultures and borders.

published by Folded Word Press

Links: Goodreads page (with author talk) + Amazon page +  about the book


Masala Moments + new: Special E-Book Edition
a travel novel from India

India in a teacup. Its flavour in pages. Its aroma in words. That is Masala Moments, the thoughts of an intrepid traveller through the maze of crowds, chaos and centrifugalness that is India. Based on her own journeys through Asia, Dorothee Lang weaves an inspiring travel novel that includes ancient tales, lessons of karma, and modern myths. For those who are longing to go, it includes an extra chapter with travel advice.

Links: Masala at Amazon + book page

Published by Cautionary Tale Press

„I can tell a poet wrote this book. Each word has been chosen for its sound and clarity. Masala Moments gives us the space to see the world, unhampered by problems through all the acceptance and discovery we need.“ – Lys Anzia, Women News Network


in transit
a reflection on roads, cities, crossings, arrivals & departures

This collection follows the routes that move through Europe, and then crosses into America and Asia, reflecting on roads, cities, crossings, arrivals, encounters & departures, and all those states in between.

„Dorothee Lang’s in transit uses sense as sonar, bouncing waves off the natural and manmade world to image the fluidity of our existence. Like Dogen’s Moon in a Dewdrop, in transit quietly feasts on the beauty of minutiae, showing time and again that what often goes unnoticed represents a microcosm, a history, an indelible connectedness that deserves our attention.“ – Mel Bosworth


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