40/100 days, a collage-portrait, looking down/up, on photography, and mixed realities


You know it’s a busy time when you try to remember when you wrote you previous blog post… and have to go and check. It was just before the 100 day project started: 29.3.: #The100DayProject: preparing, postcards, links, and some advice

The good news is that the reasons for being busy have been on the positive side:  interesting work projects, art academy started again, things are a bit of a juggle right now, but of the good kind. and there was a week of island time to relax and enjoy.

So: the 100 days project. I am almost at day 40, and revisited the starting cards today (which brought the impulse for this blog post :). Here is a collage of the first week of my 100 day project of daily artcards :

It’s one of the little-big highlights for me each day to visit the colorful and creative stream of the 100 days project participants, and to share my next image. It’s inspiring and moving to see the daily progress of so many creatives.

By chance, I came across the invite of fellow participant Nina Martell in the first week, she is focusing on portraits, and invited others to send a photo. As portraits were one of the focus themes at the art academy, I got curious, and went ahead – and was amazed when I received the image she created based on it:

Another moment of chance: for a photo project, I went on a walk to take some trail photos – and looking up, a bird crossed my path, and I caught this moment:

Today I walked along the same trail, playing with the idea of photo-in-photo, and with the looking-up / looking-down themes I work with since a while.

(If you follow me on instagram, you probably saw other „looking down / up“ photos.)

Photography and its nature, the question of truth and objectivity / subjectivity, that also was an unexpected theme of a recent gallery visit a the Villa Merkel, where the „Hidden/Secret“ exhibition is on, with works of Francis Alys, Sina Aatai Andena and the MediengruppeBitnki. I joined the guided tour, which turned out to be a small but interesting grou: ’s noticed that I’ve visited several exhibitions recently, here a mini-insta-notes:

„Hidden/Secret“ at Villa Merkel
with #sinaataeiandena and #francisalys and #mediengruppebitnik . Thought-provoking.


Altogether, if I would be asked to sum up these days in 2 words, I now even have a photo with an answer: „Mixed Realities“


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