I could start this blog post exactly like the last one: „You know it’s a busy time when you try to remember when you wrote you previous blog post… and have to go and check…“

Again, the good news is that the reasons for being busy have been on the positive side: there are 2 new and interesting work projects, and parallel to that, the summer semester at art academy was on – and is reaching its final days now, with a large exhibition, the time of it – fittingly – „Zeit“ / „Time“.

I didn’t write blog posts in this time, yet I posted on Instagram – here are some of the notes as a reflection:

15. July Revisiting sketches and paintings of the summer semester

July: preparing a postcard art project – it includes my window views as printed postcard

8. July Art academy – Collective photo collage project

19. June Visiting a color exhibition with work from Rupprecht Geiger

3. June – postcard 53/100 of the 100 day challenge, which turned into the ending point for me. the collage is from the „Comic Salon“ exhibition.