Flash fiction, visual collaborations, multicultural essays, cooperative poems, meta stories, e-flections, travelogues

My work has appeared in more than 150 international journals and magazines, mainly in literary/indie publications like eclectica, Metazen, qarrtsiluni, elimae, Word Riot… but also in places like Zeit Online (Germany), The New Yorker Blog (USA), The Sunday Herald (India)

Below is a personal „Best Of“ with a selection of my own favourite text and visual works.

My most recent works are:

  • „Bild Macht Wort“ (2019)
    a media installation, Oberwelt gallery, exhibition „Muster der Macht“ (exhibition link)
  • „Code 1.1“ (2019)
    a visual, Tique gallery, exhibition „Carbon Copy / Multiplied “ (more)

For more recent notes + works, visit my blog. And for a quick trip into the past, try the page indie projects.


„Best of“

Not easy to pick a selection, but a good challenge in itself. This is a personal „best of“:



Berlin, Alexanderplatz
Travel memoir in 5 scenes, published in Eclectica, and recently included in their „best of“ anthology.

The Buddha, the Dharma, the Sangha
Travel story from Cambodia, 2nd place in Transitions Abroad Travel Writing Contest

Room 2 – Kandinsky’s circles and Judd’s cubes in the K20
A travel story, originally published in Mississippi Review


Flash Fiction & Short Stories

Winner of the Folded Word Freight Story contest

a small/large story in 250 words

Sky Blue + Rice
Metazen stories


Multimedia / Photography

winner of the Litro mystery photo contest
„…we loved the sense of depth in this image. It demands to be looked at, decoded, turned around like a puzzle box until we understand, but doesn’t quite give us the answer we want.“

time train
a cyber poem, featured at the Cosmopoetica Festival in Cordoba

Castle of Words 
a book moment, featured in the blog of The New Yorker



Society of Swans
a poem at Yb, nominated for a Pushcart Prize

a poetic memory, published in Eclectica, and recently included in their „best of“ anthology.

W/R/T David Foster Wallace Special Issue, Found Poetry Review



Life as a Repetition & Ewige Wiederkunft
Visual collab with Jeff Crouch, published in HA&L #3.1

R(E)volution & Pop Up Poptagon 
Pop culture collabs with Karyn Eisler, published in wheelhouse + Locus Novus

Food Slurs
E-flection on multicultural mockings

Snowman haiku
a collaboration with Japanese artist Kuniharu Shimizu


Interviews + Reflections

Writers in Masks: Dorothee Lang
on being a bilingual writer

Living ?s for Dorothee Lang
on time, creativity, journeys, writing, and the road

Author Talk: Rose Hunter & Dorothee Lang
on short stories, places, anticipation, reality, identity, and ?

Tag Poc 50/50, or: the Complexities of Categorization 
on editing, race, class, gender and sexuality in indie publishing