Flash fiction, visual collaborations, multicultural essays, cooperative poems, meta stories, e-flections, travelogues

My work has appeared in more than 150 international journals and magazines, mainly in indie publications like eclectica, Metazen, qarrtsiluni, elimae, Word Riot… but also in places like Zeit Online (Germany), The New Yorker Blog (USA), The Sunday Herald (India)

Not easy to pick a selection, but a good challenge in itself. This is a personal „best of“:



Berlin, Alexanderplatz
Travel memoir in 5 scenes, published in Eclectica, and recently included in their „best of“ anthology.

The Buddha, the Dharma, the Sangha
Travel story from Cambodia, 2nd place in Transitions Abroad Travel Writing Contest

Room 2 – Kandinsky’s circles and Judd’s cubes in the K20
A travel story, originally published in Mississippi Review


Flash Fiction & Short Stories

Winner of the Folded Word Freight Story contest

a small/large story in 250 words

Sky Blue + Rice
Metazen stories


Multimedia / Photography

winner of the Litro mystery photo contest
„…we loved the sense of depth in this image. It demands to be looked at, decoded, turned around like a puzzle box until we understand, but doesn’t quite give us the answer we want.“

time train
a cyber poem, featured at the Cosmopoetica Festival in Cordoba

Castle of Words 
a book moment, featured in the blog of The New Yorker



Society of Swans
a poem at Yb, nominated for a Pushcart Prize

a poetic memory, published in Eclectica, and recently included in their „best of“ anthology.

W/R/T David Foster Wallace Special Issue, Found Poetry Review



Life as a Repetition & Ewige Wiederkunft
Visual collab with Jeff Crouch, published in HA&L #3.1

R(E)volution & Pop Up Poptagon 
Pop culture collabs with Karyn Eisler, published in wheelhouse + Locus Novus

Food Slurs
E-flection on multicultural mockings

Snowman haiku
a collaboration with Japanese artist Kuniharu Shimizu


Interviews + Reflections

Writers in Masks: Dorothee Lang
on being a bilingual writer

Living ?s for Dorothee Lang
on time, creativity, journeys, writing, and the road

Author Talk: Rose Hunter & Dorothee Lang
on short stories, places, anticipation, reality, identity, and ?

Tag Poc 50/50, or: the Complexities of Categorization 
on editing, race, class, gender and sexuality in indie publishing